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Welcome at the website of Midnight Hunter Cattery!

Our little cattery is near to Győr, in Bősárkány, where we breed solid, bicolour, colour point Persians and Exotics. We live together the cats in a huge family house with garden. Our cattery is negative to DNS PKD and they have a test to infections anually (FELV FIV FIP). Our cats have excellent blood-line:

Himalayan blood-lines:
Oakheaven, Brigantina, Polonez, Catley Crue, Purringwood, Whisperwood, Karabel, Miau, PomPom, Bárfrusi excelsior, Sandypaws, etc.

Persian, Exo blood-lines:
Zhao, D'Eden Lover /Latin Lover, Kuorii, Wattkatz, Equinox, Pajean, Harwood, Couronne, Fluffygrape, Jubileum, Catillac, Brannaway, Candirand, Sorrentina, Exotic style, Polar Bear, etc.

Short story of us:

We began breeding with a colourpoint persian cat. We bought it in 2004 from a very nice breeder, Mrs. Ildikó Király. She lives int he nearby, so we have been friends in a short time. She told us her experiences and thanked to this useful informations, we have given to new owners many cats who grow up in healthy and peaceful conditions and became well-socialized pets.
Few years later, we went to abroad to an exhibition with our new Russian tomcat. In here, many things happened what changed our life completely. Not only falling in love with the kind of traditional Persian cats, but we got to know Judit Tóth, the chairlady of Felis Hungarica, and she hadn t got a hard task to make us to participate.
As we visited many exhibitions we realized how uncompleted the type of Himalayans in contradiction to the traditional one. So an idea outlined in us and we decided to bring to Hungary traditional Persian cats in the adequate colour and type to breed with the Himalayan and in this method we might make better the Himalayan type.
To fulfill this plan we bought Jasmine zThalgau from Marta Skamradova, who helped us a lot showing how should appear a Persian cat in a FIFE exhibition.. So far we breed professionally traditional Persian cats also and we plan to breed Himalayan kitties suitable for the FIFE's standard. Fortunately we can call friend Tatiana Malinina, the owner of Russian Malinka Cattery. We got from her really adorable cats, Chilly, Zizi and Masni.
But it isn t the end of the story, we welcome Petovia's Odie soon in our cattery. It is a smoke-coloured tomcat of Marko Ljutic and it was the most successful Croatian cat of 2008 and the winner of Best in Show many times.
We would like to say thank you to our beloved friends in this way also. They helped us to established our cattery which is very important for us and to get success in exhibitions.

Thank you very much again,

Királyné Ildikó
Tóth Judit
Marta Skamradova
Tatiana Malinina
Marko Ljutic

Our aim is to breed a better and better typed, adequate to the standards and last but not least healthy, kind and well-socialized cats who will bring delight to their new owner.

Your successfully,

Helga Zsár, breeder
My daughters:
Cecília Nagy
Edina Nagy
Réka Nagy

Contacts: Adress:
Bősárkány 9167 Rákóczi street 48 Hungary



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